Advanced Merino Wool Technology......More Warmth & Performance for Less Weight. 

We all know merino wool’s natural properties. Its multi-climate abilities, breathability, moisture absorption and odour reduction are well known, but traditional processes of spinning and tightly twisting the fibres inhibit the full power of its natural benefits.

Traditional merino fabrics are prone to forming holes, losing shape and becoming heavy when wet and being significantly slower to dry than synthetic performance fabrics.

Nuyarn™ technology is different. Unlike traditional core spun or ring spun methods, the patented twist free process of Nuyarn™ drafts merino fibres along a high-performance filament which amplifies the fibre’s natural properties. With the benefit of merino wool next to skin and synthetic on the inside, the performance of Nuyarn™ fabrics is unparalleled by any other fabric, natural or synthetic.