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Mud Running

Whatever extreme event you do, one thing is 100% guaranteed.....IT WILL BE TOUGH & YOU WILL GET DIRTY!

We respect you all.  Anyone taking on a challenge of this nature from the cornucopia of events on offer these days, deserves big respect.  We're not here to judge but we are here to help....with your clothing choices at least.

With extreme events there are many things to take into consideration and probably the last one you think about is....what to wear!

This section is designed to offer the core "uniform" for such an event.  Dealing with the cold and wet conditions you will encounter along the way, is all part of the process so this collection of just some of our offerings from the key brands we represent, will provide you with all you need to succeed on the day {along with a bit of perspiration, preparation, hard work and no small amount of courage}........