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Artilect & Nuyarn Natural Fibre Technology

Artilect A/SYS-1 Baselayer: Foundation Performance.

Nuyarn fabric technology is the "only" true Performance Merino fabric out there and is used across the Artilect Base Layer collection, and has a simple message.....Use less to provide more.  Their 125gsm garments equal the performance of a 100% natural 200gsm and their 185gsm weight is equivalent to a 260gsm natural fibre garment.  This is achieved by the unique way Nuyarn is able to provide greater fibre volume over 100% Merino Wool.

Nuyarn Fabric Technology Explained

Nuyarn is a remarkable blend of natural sustainable Australian Merino Wool with superior long-term durability.  Nuyarn is manufactured using 25% less energy, 30% less natural raw materials and is chemical-free in production.