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How to Protect and Clean my Waterproof Jacket - Baselayer Ltd

Don't Buy New..... Renew!

Remember you purchased that jacket a couple of years back, you know, the one you love to bits! You've practically worn it to death. But it's beginning to let the elements in a bit and now you've started to use it less in really bad weather because it doesn't keep the rain off like it used to which let's face it, is a bit pointless.

So now you're contemplating a jacket refresh, investing in another purchase to revitalise your wet weather gear or maybe it's your golf wet gear, side line Sub Coat or cycle wear. Well whatever garment it is, we're here to say......don't bother because you don't need to.  Instead, how about investing in a small bottle of organic liquid that will reinvigorate your wet gear at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Your jacket or wet gear will always become less efficient over time. It's the nature of the beast. You wear it in all weathers and all that climbing and bending, having the dog's muddy paws all over you plus wind, rain, snow and sun all contribute to the gradual degrading of the protective capability of your wet gear resulting in reduced performance.  It's inevitable.

Also washing. Let's be honest, you've washed it a few times now, maybe when you've returned home after a muddy day around the rugby pitch or after that 20k hike in the Dales. And when we wash our gear, we almost all use a standard brand name detergent not realising the damage we could be doing. But for jackets and wet gear in particular, a regular detergent strips the protective layer from the fabric leaving the material porous and open to the elements.

So what can you do when that starts to happen other than buy a new jacket? Well there is a superb solution (literally) that can bring your wet gear back to life without having to make a huge investment AND without any damage to your washing machine or the environment either.

Let's start with the best alternative to a regular detergent for your garment. Storm Care Eco Wash products are specially formulated to clean technical apparel without compromising the active water resistant (DWR) capabilities of the fabric. Technical water resistant outdoor garments such as coats and jackets, often have a DWR water repellant coating that over time with constant wear and when washed using conventional detergents, will break down and become less effective. 

By using a bespoke non-invasive Eco Friendly wash-in grime remover rather than a conventional detergent, you preserve the integrity of the original DWR water repellency of the fabric.  Dirt and debris accumulates on the fabric surface and in the microscopic fabric pores, so the garment can begin to lose breathability, water resistance and overall performance. But it still needs a wash occasionally.

By using an invasive detergent, you will compromise the garment's DWR effectiveness by literally washing it away. Correct cleaning using a non-invasive wash-in treatment, will revitalise your technical apparel without compromising it's performance or fabric integrity.

If your garment is still performing well from a water resistant perspective and is just dirty from mud, sweat and general organic matter, a machine wash using the correct Eco Wash-In will often be sufficient to revitalise your garment for many months to come. The Storm Care Eco Wash-In is added to a wash in your washing machine and will have no negative effect on your machine, and unlike most regular detergents, is Eco friendly and non-invasive to the garment plus helps to preserve colours as there are no bleaching agents in the product that can significantly reduce colour quality.

So, now it's been washed properly, we need to consider re-proofing your garment if it needs it. For this there is the Storm Care Eco Proofer for Outdoor Clothing.  This can be used on any garments you use for wet days in either sport, hiking, riding, rugby and so much more.  If you have a multi-layered jacket for example with a detachable lining, simply remove this prior to treating so the outer layer receives maximum re-treatment but the liner doesn't because it's not needed.

The Storm Eco Wash-In Proofer treatment is formulated to restore the original DWR water proofing finish to outdoor apparel and leaves the fabric restored with a patented, smooth, silky, non-shiny abrasion resistant Eco friendly finish.

When your outdoor gear does eventually need re-generating,  it can easily be done using a domestic washing machine and this Storm Eco Proofer DWR replenishment add-in or spray.

Storm Care's Eco Friendly DWR Fabric Proofer has no harmful PFC's and offers exceptional levels of water resistance.  By simply adding the Eco Wash-In Proofer after your Eco Wash, it will revitalise your garment as close as possible to it's original factory standards and can often be better than it ever was and at a fraction of the cost or a new coat.  It also has no negative effect on your washing machine OR the environment.  

If you are unsure if you need to revitalise your garment's DWR capability, simply test the surface using the Drip Test.  If a droplet of water sits on the fabric surface like a bead, then the DWR performance of your garment is probably fine.  If however it get's absorbed by the fabric and the fabric becomes darker in colour, then a re-treatment is probably worthwhile.

After the Proof Treatment, a quick tumble is a good idea although not essential, as the heat will help to activate the DWR treatment more effectively, kind of like crisping up your cake after baking.  Alternatively, just let your gear hang in a warm dry location until you need it next.  You'll be amazed at the improvement of your wet gear after these treatments.  It's a worthwhile exercise.