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Run Wear - What's The Difference

Running Wear - What's The Difference?

The term running clothing applies to anything that you wear when you run for competition or training.

So why can't you just wear anything you want?  Well, you can.....there are absolutely no rules or regulations but many top brands produce items "specifically" aimed at running that will improve your overall comfort and performance on the back of years of experience and in conjunction with the run fraternity to ensure their ranges meet all "your" needs.

From socks and Leggings, to Tees and Shorts and even caps and sun glasses and for Summer and Winter use (you don't want to run outside with something that keeps you cool in the middle of Winter) and does a wide selection of apparel that fits every need, every climate and every pocket.

Choosing the right running gear for your needs will make your run a more fulfilling experience and with the emergence of high tech 21st century synthetic fabric technologies as well as Merino Wool that is still a main favourite for many plus advanced manufacturing processes, your run gear means you'll go faster for longer with fewer injuries.

A seam free (almost.....) structure to many items that you wear next to the skin, will monumentally help your comfort as this will avoid any risk of skin abrasion occurring which can devastate your run.

So, all you have to do is decide what item you're after -  has several categories for tops, shorts and leggings, jackets, socks and more as well as various fit styles to suit every body shape on the planet. Then it's just a case of finding an item that fits your needs, whether it's wind or rain protection, or high visibility for low light running or ventilation on a hot day.

We are however, always here to help.  Just give us a call if that's easier, we really love what we do.......but we love what you do even more.

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