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Blister Avoidance


Always a big issue this one and so many suggestions and solutions on the market.  But one thing is true and should be at the forefront of your thoughts....prevention is better than cure!

There are several ways to do this but selecting the right socks for you is vital.  You really can't expect to do a 20 mile walk in a pair of work socks or invisible gym socks without facing up to the consequences.

Firstly....."Powder Up".  A bit of baby powder before you put your socks on is a great idea.  It'll reduce friction, absorb moisture and generally keep your feet in good condition during your walk.

Toe Socks are also a popular favourite as a liner to prevent blisters and hot spots on the feet.  These allow each toe to be separated and therefore stops that issue of skin on skin rubbing that can be a real curse.

Regular Synthetic Liner Socks or Merino Wool Liner Socks and Injinji Toe Socks are popular liner options combined with a thicker Merino Wool rich sock such as the our range of Walking Socks as outer socks makes for a good combination.  But it also largely depends on the distance you are walking and the shoes you are wearing.  A quick 2 mile stroll is very different to a 20 mile hike!

Avoiding the dreaded heel rub and toe blisters using this method of "lining" to stop rubbing, is an excellent method but that's not to say the mechanism works for everyone of course.  There are many who absolutely are against lining in any way plus your footwear is equally important but every serious walker knows that already.

For people who want a liner but don't like the Toe Sock option, Teko® and Wigwam do a Twin Pack Thin Liner Sock. This has the same effect as Toe Socks but is a conventional sock of course.

Finally and this one may make you laugh but it works.....Methylated Spirits.

Don't drink it.......soak your feet in it regularly.  Easily obtainable from any local hardware store, you only need a couple of CM in a bowl big enough to get your feet in flat and suggest not using a bowl that has to be used again in the kitchen! No need to cover the whole of your feet up to the ankles, you're working on the soles and in-between the toes.  It kills and removes the dead soft flesh on your feet that then flakes off so you can scrub it off in the shower (yuk). 

It hardens them up but not like with calluses, but a few times a week for 5 minutes at a time, will make your feet far better and resistant to blisters and alike.  Don't wash them afterwards, just allow the spirit to evaporate off but be careful, it's flammable so avoid naked flames and follow the guidelines on the bottle. It also helps to stop any foot odour particularly if you suffer from smelly feet due to synthetic footwear!

No need to throw the spirit away each time, just pour it back in the bottle and re-use it for a few weeks as long as nobody else is using's only your feet after all.

It really is a combination of things and different methods for different people.  Wool rich socks for the outer layer for sure and the toe socks consideration as described with good foot "management" at the outset.  Definitely: prevention is better than cure.