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Artilect A/SYS-1 Layer

Artilect A/SYS-1 Base Layer;  This is the foundation layer of your clothing system.  The foundational performance layer from Artilect, powered by Nuyarn fabric technology.

Your A/SYS-1 Foundation Layer creates the direct interface between your skin and your layering system.  The Nuyarn fabrication creates the most superior base layer available with the A-SYS-1 layer, creating a micro-climate next to your skin with exceptional performance, designed to rapidly move moisture away from the skin whilst maintaining maximum thermal efficiency. Nuyarn fibre creates a highly durable fabric with exceptional stretch and recovery properties that far exceed other Merino options.  Nuyarn is naturally anti-microbial so it lasts a long time between washes.

Artilect A/SYS-1 base layers and underwear, are powered by a patented Nuyarn swist-free fibre process which "drafts" Merino fibres along a high-performance filament which amplifies the natural performance of the Merino fibres.

With the benefit of 18 gauge super-fine Merino next to the skin wrapped or "drafted" around a core of performance synthetic for added moisture transportation, Nuyarn is unparalleled by any other fabric out there, weather synthetic or natural.

  • Dries 5x Faster than Regular Merino
  • 35% Enhanced Warmth to Weight Ratio
  • 50% Greater Fibre Durability
  • 35% More Fabric Stretch
  • Breathable at Vapour Level
  • Naturally Odour Resistant
  • Uses 30% Less Raw Materials
  • Chemical-Free Production