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Storm Care Apparel Eco Proofer Wash-In {SC-51212}

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Storm Care Eco Re-Proofer Wash-In for Outdoor Clothing

225 ml Eco Wash-In liquid for outdoor gear. Specially formulated Eco Wash-In treatment designed to regenerate your gear's waterproofing as a simple ad-in to your washing cycle. Designed to restore the DWR waterproofing capabilities of technical outerwear and equipment. If your garment is clean and doesn't require a wash, then simply re-generate it's effectiveness but using this 3# wash 225ml Eco Wash-In liquid, to regenerate the DWR effectiveness of your gear.  Revitalise your outdoor gear to maintain the garment's weather protection capability.  Eco friendly Wash-In additive liquid contains no harmful PFC's or Silicone, does not damage your washing machine.  Contains: Polyurethane, Cationic Polymers. {READ Why Use Garment Re-proofing}