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Why Use Storm Care Eco Proofer

Storm Care Eco Proofer for Outdoor Clothing

Storm Care Spray or Wash-In Eco treatment formulated to restore the original DWR water proofing finish to outdoor apparel leaving the fabric restored with a patented, smooth abrasion resistant Eco friendly finish.

The more you wear your outdoor gear, the more the DWR water repellency will likely deteriorate no matter how much care you take.  When your outdoor gear does eventually need re-generating,  it can easily be done using a domestic washing machine and a bespoke DWR replenishment add-in.

Storm Care's Eco Friendly DWR fabric proofer has no harmful PFC's and offers exceptional levels of performance.  By simply adding the Eco Wash-In Proofer after your Eco Wash, it will revitalise your garment as close as possible to it's original factory standards and often be better than it ever was and at a fraction of the cost or a new coat.  It also has no negative effect on your washing machine.  Just simply return to your normal washing routine after washing and treating your outdoor gear.

If you are unsure if you need to revitalise your garment's DWR capability, simply test the surface using the Drip Test.  If a droplet sits on the fabric surface like a bead, then the DWR performance of your garment is probably fine.  If however it get's absorbed by the fabric and the fabric becomes darker in colour, then a re-treatment is probably worthwhile.

After the Proof Treatment, a quick tumble is a good idea as the heat will help to active the DWR treatment more effectively, kind of like crisping up your cake after baking.