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Men's SAXX Compression Training Shorts {SAXX-VL29}

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Color: Black/Red
Size: Medium

SAXX™ Liner Training Shorts Compression Under Shorts

Made for Sports.  These are the ONLY under shorts you need on game-day or training to keep you supported and your assets in place!  Only three things to remember here with the SAXX™ Compression Fit Training Shorts: Light, Strong and a light Compression Fit. These are definitely pants you can wear all day that won't squash your assets.

This is the SAXX™ approach to delivering premium performance light fit compression in an ultra lightweight package complete with the unique patented integrated BallPark Pouch for zero skin-on-skin contact and the best "gear" support you'll ever get guys!

Ergonomic male shaped multi-panel construction encases the large primary muscle groups for muscle support, power, performance, strength and protection for the ultimate compression underwear.  The Compression Fit delivers just the right amount of muscle support where it's needed, keeping other areas free from the "squeeze".  This makes these ideal as a long-term wear garment.

The super lightweight stretch mesh woven fabric offers breathable compressive support for every activity like running, rugby, football, climbing and training. Squeeze where you need it.....breathable where you don't.

Synthetic blend fabric with 88% recycled fibre content offering a true green product.  12% Elastane content gives excellent support and meshed fabric for high vent breathability.

Over-Quad 7" inseam offers excellent leg coverage and the use of SAXX's FlatOut Seam™ technology ensures a zero risk of skin abrasion and the multi-panel structure maximises their 3-D Fit™ approach for a true quality body fit.

Independent seam-free gusset and no rear centre seam.  No fly design.  Designed to be worn under playing/training shorts.

Anti-Roll jacquard Elasticated waistband with integrated brand decal and fully Anti-Microbial fabric treatments. Use for all high intensity sports and everyday use where you may be susceptible to strains or require that little bit of extra support from your boxers.