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Compression Ratings

Level 1 Regular Compression Fit:  A mild all over body squeeze for a good skin fit without intense compression ranging from around 14 to 18mmHg compression ratings.  Used extensively in synthetic base layers for a close non-abrasive fit that works well under regular clothing or sportswear.

Level 2 Higher Compression Fit: A more intense compressive support garment usually using synthetic fabrics with a higher denier rating to obtain a greater degree of muscle squeeze from between 18 to 24mmHg rating.  Designed for higher intensity sporting use or where susceptibility to injury occurs and for endurance use.  Often used as an active-use post-use sports compression garment.

Level 3 Strategic Compression Fit Rating:  Not necessarily the Highest Compression Fit Rating not so much because of an increased "squeeze" but because of the focused and dynamic nature of the compression fit that is usually focused on key zones and ranges from around 25 to 35mmHg rating.  Often uses two or more grades of fabric to obtain a more supportive and anatomical fit and often with strategic compressive areas for key muscle groups such as the Quads, Glutes, Bicep/Tricep or Calves- used extensively as a post-injury rehab and Recovery garment and often structured for wearing for long periods overnight and during extended flights or travel and between events.  Rapidly increases the rate of recovery after exercise.