Men's KYMIRA Active Core 3.0 Infrared Compression Shorts

by Kymira

Men's KYMIRA™ Infrared Core 3.0 Shorts

For all sports use, the best next to skin shorts you'll ever own. If you're going to wear an under-short then get some that do you good at the same time.  As with all the KYMIRA™ Core 3.0 Active Infrared range, these shorts are about blending comfort with performance technology and maximising the integrated Infrared technology.

Seamless front to back gusset and flatlock stitching for a chafe free workout and elasticated waistband offers a good secure and flexible fit to prevent any digging into your midsection. 

A Level 1 light compression fit around the thigh, thus providing support to your working muscles and preventing the shorts from moving as you work out. The shorts are just as good worn alone as they are under a loose-fitting pair of shorts and are great for all workouts, including cycling, running, and gym use.

The shorts are made from the KYMIRA™ Infrared-emitting fabric, which helps regulate your body temperature as you work out, dissipating heat and evaporating sweat better than normal fabrics, whilst keeping your skin feeling dry no matter how hard the session. Furthermore, this unique technology increases Oxygenation and Glycogen storage in the blood, meaning that your core and upper legs are directly benefiting from an increased energy supply to help you go faster, for longer.

The infrared technology in the shorts' material also assists with recovery after your session so keep them on for a while afterwards for that long-term benefit of IR treatment whilst you rest.

By keeping the shorts on for four hours after your activity, the increased oxygenation of the blood will improve the rate of Lactic Acid breakdown and cellular repair throughout the body and reduce dramatically the risk of onset of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

50% KYnergy™ Polyester, 30% Recycled Polyester, 20% Elastane