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Artilect Women's Sundown 250 Merino Wool Half Zip Hooded Mid Layer Jacket {ART-2212201}

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Size: Small
Color: Andorra Plum

The Women's Artilect® Sundown™ 250 Half Zip Hooded Mid Layer - Warmest Layering

This is a truly exceptional piece from the Artilect® A/SYS-2 next-layer collection and a stunning layering half zip it is too with a 250GSM fabric weight in a high lofted waffle effect fabric with integrated hood and and unique belly pocket.  This is a Layer 2 Mid-Layer or outer wear garment.

Whether the sun is going down, or just hasn’t come up yet, the Sundown 250 1/2 Zip rises to the occasion with a familiar waffle-knit structure, which has always been a go-to for offering superior warmth, in the lightest and most packable package. A staple component of A/SYS-2, the Sundown is super-charged with Nuyarn blended fibre Merino technology, so you won’t care if the sun ever comes up.

Waffle effect Merino that traps far more heat within the fabric and provides exceptional warmth.  Side panel and under arm gussets offer a greater degree of flexibility and stretch for unrestricted movement.

Scalloped drop tail hemline offers a flattering silhouette and great lower back coverage.  Off shoulder low profile seams guarantee no seam interference and wide belly pocket with integrated hood and deep set half zip for on-demand ventilation of weather protection.

Excellent arm and body length provide good coverage designed to sit mid-backside or thereabouts.  Natural in built Anti-Bacterial controls as is the case with Merino Wool and constructed under Artilect's rigorous Ethical production controls.

Not the least expensive option in the range granted, but sure to be a top favourite this season.  You'll be wearing this 10 years down the line.  If there's ever been a reason to "Go Merino" this is surely it.

80% 250GSM Nuyarn Merino Wool and 20% Polyester