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SAXX Underwear for Men - An Open Review

Gentlemen……Let’s Tackle your Tackle!

Men’s underwear choices are wide and varied.  We buy based on impulse, tradition, fabric, hand feel, design or because your partner likes them and, as we all know……..the label!

Since a certain Marty McFly rocketed Mr Klein’s underwear to the top of the hit parade back in 1985 {or was it 1955…}, the power of the brand name sticking above your trouser belt, has become very evident…..and regarded as cool to boot.

But your pants should not be taken lightly and for those of us who “insist on keeping with what we’ve always had” perhaps it’s time for a revisit and experience the benefits of modern design, fabric technologies and advanced fitting, below the belt.

Your pants should protect your packet!  The label should never be the prerequisite decision making component of your purchase.  Let’s face it, us men have certain anatomical attributes that we simply cannot get away from and it’s those attributes we’re looking to explore {metaphorically speaking} in this article.

Men simply cannot get away from the obvious fact that us chaps’ chaps tend of get in the way and kind of generate a bit of heat along the way particularly in warmer conditions.  We often end up with Jock Itch, severe rashes and the dreaded “Bettys”, so any solution that aids our daily comfort must be a good thing, right?  Last thing you want is to be out on a 10K hike when the dreaded skin-on-skin Chaffing kicks in.  So, what can we do gents?

Well, here it is. Say hello to SAXX Underwear. SAXX is a Canadian brand whose underwear for Men has gained a significant following here in the UK and in Europe and is, we have to say, a revelation. A genuine asset for your assets.  Even our own Jamie Oliver became a very vocal advocate of SAXX without any brand intervention.

SAXX invented the BallPark Pouch.  The system is designed to “cup” your crown jewels in a kind of 3D hammock to minimise unnecessary and usually, unwanted excess movement during daily life and active sports and to eradicate that skin-on-skin issue thereby eliminating the risk of chaffing.

The BallPark Pouch is a wonderous thing.  There is no “fiddling” about… simply sit in the pocket and you don’t even know you’re being caressed and cared for by your SAXX Underwear.

Additionally, SAXX has put a great deal of thought into seam placement. Where seams are unavoidable, it has created every seam as a FlatOut Seam to eliminate any seam rub.....and it works, brilliantly.  There are NO CENTRE SEAMS!  One very annoying feature of many men's underwear are seams exactly where they aren't wanted.  Not so with SAXX.  

The SAXX Underwear range is extensive with collections for Everyday as well as a more dynamic fitted Performance range but, depending on your personal preferences, there is absolutely nothing stopping you wearing a Performance pair of pants as your Everyday underwear.

Whilst the range is extensively weighted towards the Boxer Brief style underwear {as opposed to the traditional “boxers” that offer no support for your gems), they also do a regular Brief option that also carries the unique BallPark Pouch System, so there really is an option for all tastes.

Fabrics too are varied utilising Cotton as well as man made Synthetics and natural fibres such as Cotton, Modal or Tencel.  You can get a light fitted option such as their Ultra range or the Vibe which has a huge colour palette to their most popular dynamic fitted Quest and the lightly compressive Kinetic option that really is a gem for active sports.

Also very importantly, they do a lot of their ranges in the regular 6” leg as well as an extended 8” leg which for high energy sports such as football, are ideal as they tend not to ride up the thigh.  Go for the Kinetic for active sports as a suggestion but they also do a full compression short underwear, the Hyperdrive that really is a gem.  Compressive fit……with ball room for your ball games!

For winter, they have come up with a gem.  How about a base layer with a BallPark Pouch?  Totally unique these RoastMaster base layers are seriously warm and allow you to wear them “in place” of underwear rather than two layers of boxers then leggings. 

The 2in1 Shorts contain a loose fit sports short on the outside with a fully integrated pair of Kinetic Boxers built in, negating the need to hit the gym with extra pants.

SAXX has done a great job.  The ranges cover every facet of life from Hike to Bike and Work to Play and every fit imaginable.  Their Volt range is effectively the Quest but is their nod to fashion with some excellent styles and designs each season so if you like your pants to show off your personality, they’ll be something there for you for sure.

For the Cotton lovers out there, their Non-Stop Stretch Cotton Boxer Briefs offer the best of both worlds with your fave fabric but with the SAXX knowhow and a more dynamic fit that doesn’t lose its shape like those high street pants you’ve worn for decades.

SAXX Underwear for Men in 90% of cases, will suit your needs.  It's a range developed with the male physique in mind and with every shape of human imaginable.  So whether for everyday use or for active sports, consider SAXX your first port of call.