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Thermal and Fit Guide


Cooler High Vented Garment: garment designed to keep you cooler in extreme heat or in high level activity sport when very warm.  High vented structure with rapid drying capabilities and exceptional lightweight performance.


Cool Effect Garment: for Active Sports and Lifestyle for use in neutral and warm conditions to keep you cool.  Man Made Fibres, Cotton or Natural Merino Wool Construction can apply to such garments.

  Warm Thermal Garment

Warm Thermal Garment: for Active Sports and Lifestyle Use in Colder Conditions or as an everyday layering piece all year round such as a lightweight hoody, quarter zip or fleece and gloves.  Man Made Fibres or Merino Wool or Cotton Construction.  As a Baselayer wear when you are able to have several layers or generating high body heat in sport and won't necessarily be standing still for any length of time such as football, rugby and active field sports.

  Warmer Thermal Garment

Warmer Thermal Garment: for extra warmth in active sports and lifestyle use for that extra thermal defence you may require.  Use when Cold as a base or layering piece and as an all year round warmer layer such as a hoody or fleece.  As a Baselayer, wear if you require extra warmth or where you can layer up but when you need a warmer "base" option or where your sport might mean you are stood still for extended periods such as golf or as a goalkeeper or simply on the sidelines.

  Warmest Thermal Garment

Warmest Thermal Defence Garment: For Extremely Cold conditions.  Lightweight Fabrication or technical Heavier Weight Fabrication that maximises the body's ability to retain heat and provide extra thermal warmth using a combination of heat retaining fabric and integrated thermal heat absorbing elements to create a high warmth garment for the extreme cold.  As a Baselayer, this would be worn when in extreme cold environments or where you may be exposed to long periods of extreme weather such as Ski slopes or on the mountains, or simply where you want that extra....EXTRA bit of warmth in the first place.  Ideal Ski or extreme sports mountain base layer warmth.


Level 1 Compression Rating - Mild All Over Compressive Squeeze Fitting

Level 1 Compression: An all over mild squeeze that accelerates blood flow and offers a modest functional muscle support in sport as well as improving moisture management.

Level 2 Compression Fit - Higher Squeeze Sports Compression Structure

Level 2 Compression: A higher Sports Compression Fit designed for athletes and endurance work.  Ideal as a pre and post workout item to improve athletic performance, protect muscles from injury and aid recovery after sport.

Level 3 Compression - High Sports Compression With More Intense Squeeze for Active Use and Recovery

Level 3 Compression: A more intense Sports Compression Fit designed to improve sports performance, protects muscles and areas of the body susceptible to injury and aid in the recovery of post workout fatigue, muscle soreness and long terms injuries.


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