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Women's Icebreaker Everyday 175 Merino Wool Tights {IC-104476}

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Color: Black
Size: Small



The Icebreaker® Everyday 175™ Women's Merino Wool Leggings in a Relaxed Soft Fitted design, for everyday use and comfort to regulate body temperature all year round. Ideal as a fine thermal base layer under work clothes for example with comfort guaranteed. The super-fine soft fitted weave non-bulky structure brings year-round thermal regulation, comfort, practicality and great style to your wardrobe essentials and a completely natural product.  Remember, Merino Wool is not just for Winter.....(Why Merino?)

Merino Wool fibres are woven into a soft fitted finish with excellent thermal regulatory properties and great garment durability. Soft fitted design for everyday use, structured gusset insert for added comfort, fit and freedom of movement. Stylish design with a fully integrated and fabric blended waistband with subtle brand detailing.

Merino wool garments have natural odour control to eradicate bacteria that can cause fabric odours using its own natural defence mechanisms meaning you could wear this item several times before it needs washing. Quality over sewn micro seams throughout and expertly finished to minimise any risk of seam abrasion and ensure great garment integrity.

Excellent leg length and designed to fit on the waist not the hips. Easy care "wash n wear" 40° machine wash and simply air to dry or hang them over the radiator.