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Women's Icebreaker Everyday 175 Merino Wool Long Sleeve Crew Base Layer {IC-104471}

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Color: Black
Size: Medium


The Icebreaker® Everyday™ 175 Women's Merino Wool Long Sleeve Soft Relaxed Fitted Crew Neck Baselayer ideal under clothing all year round. The super-fine wool weave with off shoulder sleeve design, brings comfort, practicality and great style to any man's wardrobe and is fit for so many needs.  Remember, Merino Wool is not just for Winter....(Why Merino?)

Ultra fine Merino Wool fibres are woven into a light soft fit structure for a soft smooth fabric with excellent thermal regulating properties and great garment durability.  Merino also remains dry as the fibres draw moisture away from the skin with excellent effect.  Merino Wool can hold up to 3 times it's own weight in moisture in order to do this.  Consider the Everyday 175 as the Goldilocks of the range....not too hot.....not too cold....just right!

As with any Merino Wool garment, the Icebreaker® Everyday 175 Long Sleeve Tee, has in-built odour protection as the wool is renowned for it's ability to eradicate bacteria using its own defence mechanisms for long periods of continuous use meaning you could, if needed, wear them several times before washing. Offset micro shoulder seams and edged hems and cuffs to a quality finish to minimise any risk of seam abrasion and ensure a great finish to the garment integrity.

A soft weave structure, with a close fitted design so as to maximise fit, comfort and efficiency in keeping you regulated as a base layer. Long body and arm length ensures great coverage.  Easy care warm to 40° machine wash and simply air to dry. Great body length to keep the garment in place and a "Tag Free" internal construction to eliminate any annoying irritations.