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Women's Icebreaker Bodyfit 150 "Siren" Merino Wool Cami {IC-103193}

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Color: Black
Size: Large
Icebreaker® Bodyfit™ Premium 150 Cami.....Light, Soft 83% Merino Wool

The best wool rich cami you will ever buy!  It's an opinion but the feedback is truly astounding on this item.  Whilst an underwear piece, you can consider this as a Women's Merino Sleeveless Baselayer. The Icebreaker® Bodyfit™ Premium 150GSM Women's Merino Wool "Siren" Cami uses their impressive Corespun™ technology with a touch of LYCRA® for that little extra hold and contoured design and provides an ultra-light all year round use stylish Cami.   A perfect stylish cover layering piece ideal layer under blouses and other clothing in all conditions. Ultra-fine Merino Wool in a cross-weave design for a closer body contoured fit, the Icebreaker® Women's Siren Cami brings supreme comfort, practicality and style to any women's wardrobe.  Remember, Merino Wool is not just for Winter......(Why Merino?)

Merino Wool fibres are woven into a super fine light 150GSM weight soft finish fabric with the 4% Lycra® content providing further elasticity and great garment durability.  Flat micro fine adjustable shoulder straps are blended into the over-stitched neckline for a fine, stylish non-bulky finish classically styled essential piece for all occasions.  Modestly dropped front to retain modestly and higher square finish at the back to pretty much ensure bra strap coverage too.

As with any Merino Wool fabric it is renowned for it's ability to eradicate bacteria using its own defence mechanisms for days at a time and continuous use meaning if you needed to, you could quite easily wear this several times before it needs to see the washing machine.  Constructed using Over-stitched Flatlock seams throughout and edged to a superb finish at the hems to minimise any risk of seam abrasion and to ensure great finish and garment integrity keeping it looking good.

Close body contoured fitted design so as to maximise fit and efficiency.  Easy care warm machine wash and simply air to dry. Great body length to keep the garment in place and a tiny out of the way "pip" brand logo at the waist hem for minimal brand glare under your gear.