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TEKO Soft-Top Bio.d Lightweight Merino Wool Diabetic Socks {T-9910}

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Color: Natural/Brown
Size: Large

TEKO® Soft-Top Lightweight Diabetic Hiking Socks

Let's be honest, keeping up with your fitness regime can get tough when you've got health issues and none more so than those with Diabetes.

But sometimes all you need is just some light support with a good soft blister-free foot-bed. Well with TEKO's Diabetic Lightweight Crew Length sock, that's exactly what you get.

TEKO Soft-Top Bio.d Light Cushion Outdoor Crew Length Hiking Sock are made from 100% biodegradable yarns.  The mid-calf height has a soft-top design which makes these socks incredibly comfortable and also suitable for diabetics. 

These socks are made from a combination of natural biodegradable merino wool, biodegradable Tencel fibre made from responsibly farmed Eucalyptus and finally Amni Soul biodegradable Nylon meaning reduced micro-plastics. These yarns allow your feet to breathe and are ideal for wearing with outdoor shoes and hiking boots.

78% Polyester™, 11% Stretch Nylon™, 11%Tencel natural fibre for an organic product.  Accredited by the CPMA™ and APMA™ associations in Canada and America.