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ODLO Men's Performance X-Light Short Sleeve Tee {O-188192}

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Color: Black
Size: Small

ODLO® Performance™ X-Light™ Cooler Tee - Compliment Your Pants!

Ultra-Dry, Ultra-Cool and Ultra-Light.  This is the Extra Light version of the Odlo® Performance™ collection and has a full range of Sports Tees and Underwear that are a true marvel of fabric engineering and is the coolest of the Performance™ family.

Designed to be so light you hardly know you're wearing it and with the minimal amount of seams you can achieve.  The Zoned™ fabrication ensures that the hot spots of the body receive maximum ventilation for added dryness whilst still being constructed using one piece of fabric with only seams where the arms are joined.

This innovative use of fabric allows the body a greater level of comfort with hot spots remaining cooler and dryer than would otherwise be the case.  The "3D" Fit means the garment design is structured around your body rather than your body having to compensate for a standard fit normally associated with many inferior products of this type.

In short, the Performance™ range is anatomically designed for the unique requirements of the athlete wearing them.  All this functionality in a garment this light and it looks fantastic too.  Also incorporates the fantastic Oldo® Effect™ Silver Ion fabric treatment to eliminate bacterial odours building up within the fabric.