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ODLO Muscleforce Compression Ski Socks

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Size: Small
Color: Black/Pink

ODLO® Muscleforce™ Compression Ski Socks

Way more than just your regular compression sock, Muscleforce™ make a difference.  These are an active use Level 2 Compression sock with a specific purpose.

Made in a Light fabric with ultra-light footbed cushioning for those with their own boots and as a mid weight Warm fabrication for those needing a warmer sock and who hire boots that often have a bit more room in them.

Totally seam free construction synthetic fibre mid-weight with a small amount of Merino Wool for added warmth and natural fibre content.  Designed to eradicate moisture fast and efficiently moving moisture away from the enclosed foot and up the leg where it more readily evaporates keeping the foot dry.

Strategic light padding at the shins and ankle zones to help deflect any impact point issues or "Bash Point Padding" for a clearer description.  ODLO® Effect™ Silver Ion anti-bacterial treatments to keep your ski socks fresh all week.

Strategic calf compression with zoned muscle support and a bonded sandwiched silicone web structure woven into the fabric for that ultimate compression fit.  Designed to specifically address excess muscle vibration when skiing to reduce muscle fatigue and aching muscles at the end of the day by increasing lower limb blood flow.

Wear these post session too for the added benefit of recovery.