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Kymira Pro Compression Infrared Calf Sleeves (KY-CSL)

by Kymira
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Color: Black
Size: Small

Run & Repair at the Same Time

More than just a calf sleeve. The Kymira™ Pro Unisex Compression Calf Sleeve with fully integrated Infrared Technology are developed and tested with sportsmen and women to create the best compression calf Guards on the market.

Kymira™ Sport's Pro Calf Sleeves are designed to enhance your performance, reduce injury risk, and accelerate recovery through the use of infrared technology and graduated compression.

The graduated compression in the structure of the sleeves boosts venous return, thus improving blood circulation. Increased circulation ensures the rapid clearance of the by-products of exercise, and the effective progression of vital nutrients around the body. As such, the Pro Calf Sleeves keep you training harder for longer, whether you're running, cyling, playing or training of any sort. The sleeves also speed your recovery for your next session. The compressive element also reduces the risk of injury due to muscular stabilisation and is an effective way of managing injuries such as shin splints.

The sleeves are comfortable through the hardest of workouts or the most relaxed of recovery days thanks to flatlock seams which prevent chafing.  Optimal fit is assured via extra-height triple stitched hems.

The fit has been designed with flexibility in mind, meaning they are also suitable as lower arm or elbow sleeves - though we recommend you select a size smaller than your calf sleeve if doing this.

Constructed from two fabrics - the main body fabric is a high denier warp knitted fabric, designed to provide a high level of compression and support yet still allowing muscles to function naturally. A lower denier fabric panel at the rear of the tight above the ankle allows for natural extension and contraction of the Achilles tendon reducing the risk of injury and allowing blood circulation through the feet and back up the legs.  This design is critical to the comfort factor as this prevents the Achilles being constrained.

Seam placements around the calf muscle provide extra muscle support and lateral stability.

The Pro Calf Sleeves are popular with endurance runners, triathletes and for use in high impact sport where calf muscles are punished during game play.  Ideal under football or rugby socks as well. FOR SIZE MEASURE CALF EXPANDED - BORDERLINE? SIZE UP!