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KYMIRA Unisex Infrared Compression Socks

by Kymira
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Color: Black/Red
Size: Small

KYMIRA™ Infrared Active Use Recovery Compression Socks...

Not all compression socks serve recovery as they should, bear this in mind when you purchase.  This however, is probably the best active use and recovery accessory you'll ever buy.  KYMIRA™ Infrared Recovery Compression Socks boost circulation and stabilise lower leg muscles for optimal performance and maximum recovery. Outrageously comfortable, the KYMIRA™ Infrared Recovery Compression Socks unlike regular athletic socks, are the perfect post sport sock and provide the maximum recovery needed after a long run.

The anatomically applied, Engineered Gradient Compression in KYMIRA™ recovery compression socks accelerate blood flow which assists in eliminating delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and improves your recovery time. Gradient Compression has been engineered to provide the correct level of surface pressure to enhance circulation and increase oxygen delivery - boosting your power, speed and stamina and ultimately, recovery. Infrared Compression Socks offer not only the technical benefits of KYnergy™ Infrared Technology, but also muscular compression, a known method of improving performance and recovery.

The KYnergy Infrared Technology in the socks' fabric has been developed to both boost performance and speed recovery.

It is "ESSENTIAL" that Compression Socks are not too tight that they cut off circulation particularly at the foot, ankle and above the calf.  KYMIRA™ sock sizing system takes into account your calf circumference, because you only get the full benefits of engineered gradient compression if your KYMIRA™ fit you properly around your calf muscle. The anatomic left and right construction also gives a comfortable and, importantly, anatomical fit. The improved blood circulation also helps reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) during long haul travel.

KYMIRA™ unique fabrics, and superior construction deliver maximum benefit and muscle support with unmatched comfort, breath-ability, and temperature and moisture regulation

SIZE MEASURINGSock size is determined by your calf measurement and shoe size and "NOT" necessarily just shoe size. See our sock measurement chart.  If you are close to or fall between sizes, always favour your comfort over the size recommended on the chart.