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Kids' Canterbury Thermoreg Base Layer Shorts {C-QE723558}

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£24.50 - £24.50
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Color: Navy Blue
Size: Youth Small

Canterbury® Thermoreg™ Base Layer Thermal Shorts......Boys' Iconic Sports Thermal Under Shorts

Warm thighs during winter sports activity plus stop the chaffing in winter.  The mid/lower thigh finish (circa 6" length depending on the child's height etc), Canterbury® Boys' Thermoreg™ Baselayer Shorts are made for winter sport and are perfect for rugby, football and many other sports besides.

Canterbury® Thermoreg™ Baselayers are designed for winter to stay warm.  Skin-fit Fitted design non-compression structure using a synthetic fibre mix that maintains warmth, eliminates the risk of chaffing and removes moisture from the skin by processing it to the outside of the garment where it can evaporate more effectively to keep the kids dry, lightweight and above all, staying warm.  Styled with the young male form in mind with an independent gusset structure and no centre crotch seam to reduce seam interference at this critical area!  What seams exist are flat lock sewn for increased comfort.

Warmth retaining lining holds more of their body heat to keep them warm when in play without becoming over-heated or heavy.  Anti bacterial fabric agents applied to reduce the risk of fabric odours occurring.

Elasticated branded waistband with the iconic CCC™ brand logo to lower thigh.