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Injinji Merino Wool Liner Toe Socks (INJ-MLIN)

by Injinji
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Color: Slate Grey
Size: Small

Injinji® Natural Fibre Liner Toe Socks - Seam Free Merino Wool Toesock™

If you walk, hike, climb or endurance run, take note, these will become a firm favourite...........The Injinji® Light-Weight Merino Wool Toesocks™ for outdoor and run active use, provides a perfect interface between your footwear and your skin.  Perfect on their own as a lightweight run or hike sock but absolutely fantastic as a full foot cover liner worn below conventional hiking socks for those long haul hikes and trails.  Dual thread Australian spun Merino Wool to form lightweight fine anti-rub natural fibre "seam free" barrier between your shoes and your foot.  These are a Women's Liner Socks and Men's Liner Socks so Unisex for both.

Made with natural moisture wicking Merino Wool which adjusts to your foot's temperature, keeping feet warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather but constantly acting to eradicate excess moisture from the skin by retaining moisture in the ultra efficient Merino Wool fibres. 

A 200 point needle count when made gives a very close weave finish and Injinji's unique design allows for a natural restriction-free toe movement whilst eliminating skin on skin friction to prevent blisters occurring on long walks and hikes.  Crew length with a dual welt ankle band ensures the socks remain firmly in place as does the unique "V" shaped Vectored Heel that is constructed without any visible seams providing an unparalleled anatomical shape of your foot for guaranteed comfort all day long.

Ideal for most shoes and preferred activity and extremely durable.  Natural wool fibre has built in anti-odour properties and coupled with the Coolmax® FreshFX™ Silver Ion treatment, these two features combined help prevent the build up of odours that bacterial infestation can cause.  In other words, take them hiking and you'll get away with one pair for a week pretty much!

Designed to separate the toes with a thin anti-friction membrane that is both lightweight and breathable and constructed with: * 74% Merino Wool * 22% Nylon  * 4% Lycra®