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Why Use Bespoke Eco Care Wash

Storm Care Wash products are specially formulated to clean technical apparel without compromising the active water resistant DWR treated fabric. Technical outdoor garments such as coats and jackets, have a DWR water repellant coating that when washed using conventional detergents, will break down and become less effective.  By using a bespoke non-invasive Eco friendly wash in grime remover, you preserve the integrity of the original DWR water repellency of the fabric.  Dirt and debris accumulates on the fabric surface and in the microscopic pores so the garment can begin to lose breathability, water resistance and overall performance. 

By using an invasive detergent, you will compromise the garment's DWR effectiveness by literally washing it away. Correct cleaning using a non-invasive wash-in treatment, will revistalise your technical apparel without compromising it's performance or fabric integrity.

If your garment is still performing well from a water resistant perspective and is just dirty from mud, sweat and general organic use, a machine wash using the correct Eco wash-in will often be sufficient to revistalise your garment for many months to come.  The Storm Care Eco Wash-In is added to a wash in your washing machine having no negative effect on your machine, is Eco friendly and non-invasive as well as helping to preserve colours as there are no bleaching agents in the product that can significantly reduce colour quality.