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What Are Infrared Fabrics

What are infrared textiles?

Infrared textiles are just that – a textile using technology that recycles infrared and visible light into energy. When placed near the body, within six layers of fabric, this energy is redirected back to the body, increasing blood flow and oxygen levels of local body tissues.

The increased tissue perfusion of oxygen can help joints and muscles fight stiffness, soreness and swelling caused by aging, injury, or arthritis and works exceptionally well as a post-exercise recovery treatment.

The beneficial effects of the infrared textile have been measured in a series of independent clinical studies.


Products containing IR active technology have been shown to:

  • Enhance tissue oxygen levels in the body
  • Stimulate quicker recovery and healing
  • Heighten strength and athletic performance
  • Balance body temperature
  • Improve sleep quality (IR Sleepwear & Bedding)

You may ask, “How can a textile improve circulation?” IR textiles were developed in the 1990’s in Asia to improve natural healing through placing fibres with healing properties in the centre of wrapped textile yarns to be used in clothing and other textiles. The blend of minerals reflect light (both visible and infrared) back to the body by changing the wavelength of the light, making it more easily absorbed by the body. This energy improves blood flow circulation in the target area.

We are all familiar with the use of IR Light Treatments via the use of a light gadget.  Doctors, physiotherapists, rehab clinicians, all use IR to treat aches and pains usually with a light emitting gun or hand held light.  The light we see is not the treatment light, the good stuff is invisible.  The red light we see coming from these machines, is simply there to show where the IR light should be directed.

IR treatment creates greater blood circulation. More circulation means more oxygen, and thus faster recovery, and reduced pain, allowing you to do more of the things you want to do. Your muscles feel healthier, giving you more energy and making you feel better. Soreness vanishes and wounds heal faster because your body is receiving the boost of circulation it needs to expedite the natural healing process. Increased circulation results in increased healing, recovery and comfort. Such effects occur using products featuring infrared fabric technology.

Infrared emitting fabrics are totally harmless to humans, they offer nothing but positive things. IR textiles allow you to receive treatment on-the-go and over protracted periods so you can recover better whilst doing nothing.  Imagine the benefits of IR fabric treatments on a 12-hour flight for example. 

IR fabrics also give athletes an edge against the competition. Oxygen levels are increased with use of IR products and along with nutrients give the body an extra performance boost and quicker recovery time. IR textiles have been shown to increase blood oxygen levels in athletes by 8-12% and there are independent reports out there that support this.

IR technology built into fabrics, offer the wearer the benefit of getting treatment on-the-go to help ease pain, accelerate recovery and allow superior athletic performance.

Add to this IR Sleepwear or Bed Linen, and you have the whole range of available IR treatments at your fingertips.