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Organic Teko® M3RINO.XC

  • No Itching Guaranteed
  • No Shrinking
  • No Stinking
  • No Chlorine

The new processes used in creating the Teko® M3RINO.XC™ Merino Wool fibre, produces and exceptionally soft result, with natural warmth and moisture wicking properties making the Teko® M3RINO.XC™ socks ideal for walking, hiking, trekking and winter sports activities.

Teko® source their Merino Wool from bluedesign® approved Argentinean farms with a genuine sustainable and fully Organic pedigree using responsible stewardship of livestock and land use, water conservation and only appropriate levels of shearing.

M3RINO.XC Fibre guarantees:

  • No itching, Stinking or Shrinking when washed appropriately
  • Independently authenticated bluedesign® certified for Organic credentials
  • No Chlorine use in Teko® Shrink Resistant manufacturing process
  • 5 Micron spun fibre for superior softness and no itching
  • Natural Anti-Microbial bacterial resistance eliminates stinks even after extended wear
  • Annual renewable farm sources – no harm to a sustainable environment
  • Guaranteed 100% Merino Wool next to skin
  • Exceptional durability