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Team Wear Solutions


Sound familiar? If your season often starts with you chasing the kit you ordered 3 months earlier.....then you need to speak to Baselayer™.

Kit supply is all too often the bain of a team manager's life.....but we're here to make your life easier, way easier!

You've probably never heard of us and that's fine.  Baselayer™ is a North Kent based on-line specialist brand led sports apparel supplier that's been around since 2003.  We have supplied numerous teams and organisations in the UK and beyond over the years with kit for season-long requirements to one off golf days and all with 100% success.

We are highly selective on who we work with.  We greatly limit the amount of "corporate" work we undertake each year in order that we don't make promises that cannot be kept.

Are we the cheapest around?  Very unlikely and if price is your sole objective, then thankyou for your time but there are plenty of options out there that will try to assist you in their own way.  We are service driven with quality partners and we deliver on our promises.

So if you're planning a complete kit refresh this season, a partial top up or a tour to Dublin then talk to us.  This is our promises only facts!

If you'd like to explore what we do and how we work, then please either email us at or call +44 (0) 1689 603675

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