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Seam Free Socks

Seam Free Toe Socks

If you're after Toe Socks you need to ensure one thing.....MAKE SURE THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY SEAM FREE!!

There are numerous Toe Socks on the market and many are very low cost items.  The reason for that is very straight forward simply because they way they are constructed especially at the toes.

Good quality Toe Socks won't have any discernible seams to speak of.  As the fabric is woven, the seamless integration of every toe seam, means the connection where the toes seam is finished, will be completely undetectable.

This means there is no risk of seam rub when you wear them, whether that be with Fivefingers® or any other footwear.

Seams equals trouble.  Don't risk rubbing and blisters with a less expensive Toe Sock.  At the end of the day, you get what you pay for and you'll pay for what you get!