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Mud Running Apparel Advice

Obstacle Course Racing & Mud Run Gear

Obstacle Course Racing is an ever-expanding sports pursuit that's fun, arduous and challenging.  Mud Runner™, Tough Mudder™, Adventure Racing™, Spartan™ Course Racing..........whatever extreme event you're doing there are some absolute guarantees:  IT WILL HURT....YOU WILL GET WET & COLD....& YOU WILL GET MUDDY!

But let's face it, you're not doing it because of any masochistic reasoning, you do it for the ultimate challenge and the euphoria of completing such an arduous physical test that challenges the very fabric of your persona.

But what do you wear?  It might seem like a minor question but it is fundamental to your ultimate success.  Just view the anguish of participants online who have made the "wrong" choices for the's painful viewing.

It "might" be cold or it might be warm in terms of the weather.  It "will" be muddy that is a given and there will be lots of water involved too.

You need to stay light, as dry as possible, warm and not weighed down by excessive heavy clothing.  It has to be practical and easy to clean afterwards.  You need to avoid any garment chaffing due to the water which will cause garments to bind and rub if you have the wrong items and a poor fit.

There is an un-published "uniform" for events of this nature and Baselayer™ is the perfect partner to offer you the exact mix of apparel you need for your race day.

You need to wear clothing that is "close" to the skin in terms of a base layer that's appropriate for the climate conditions.  A close fit garment will not bag out and become bulky in water.  A compression fitted item is better as this will help to eradicate water more effectively, will support you better and keep you dryer in the process and regulated as a result.

Avoid cotton and wool.  These hold water and become heavy, baggy and uncomfortable.  Go for man-made fibres with high stretch and quick wicking capabilities.  For winter events, look at a "Thermal" Compression Top and Compression Leggings.....we suggest go for black as this is by far the most practical.  For summer events when the temperature is far warmer, you may simply prefer a pair of Compression Shorts just to prevent thigh rub and chafing and a lighter summer base layer top.

Again for the winter events, a regular fit technical fabric Tee and close fitting Beanie Hat or head-warming band plus Form Fitting Gloves are essential assets as is the use of moisture wicking socks such as a Coolmax® structure like the Injinji® Toe Socks are great because they keep your toes separated and less susceptible to rubbing and blistering and they are absolutely seam-free.....the scourge of any runner's life are seams in the wrong place.

Don't wear a chunky boot either.  Choose a lightweight trainer or a trail running specialist shoe with good tread profile or even a barefoot option such as Fivefingers® footwear which are a far better bet.  You can't swim in heavy boots!  Also, DON'T WEAR RUBBER GLOVES!! Rubber is a useless thermal insulator and wicking gloves that will get wet, will still provide better thermal defence than rubber gloves.

For FEMALE competitors, we'd strongly advise you to wear a Sports Bra!  You will seriously regret not doing so that's almost a given.......

This is what your average Adventure Racer, professional or rank amateur, has devised as the best mix of apparel for extreme events.

These links will take you directly to the options we've put together for you to consider for your upcoming event and above all........good luck: See Our Mud Run Apparel