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Man Made Fibres

Man Made Trademarked Fibre Technologies

ULTIMAX® Moisture Control System

Integrating dri-release® patented technology using a blend of hydrophobic and polypropylene fibres.  The moisture is pulled through the fabric to a point where the moisture repelling fibres push this to the surface of the sock where it can evaporate quickly. This works really well in mesh type shoes or Gore Tex walking footwear. The Ultimax® moisture control directionally pulls moisture from the foot to the ankle to ensure the foot stays dry.

Coolmax®.  A DuPont® trademarked product of high performance Polyester multi-channel fibres designed to move moisture rapidly for a drier fabric result and drier skin as a result.

drirelease® is a patented technology that combines the use of engineered fibres that are moisture absorbing and moisture repelling creating a fast effective "push pull" affect on moisture within a fabric that forces moisture to the outside of a garment where it can evaporate effectively as airflow moves across the fabric.

Outlast® Technologies, commonly referred to as Outlast®, develops phase change materials (PCMs). Outlast® offers Thermocules™, a micro-encapsulated phase materials which are incorporated into fabrics and fibres for absorbing, storing, and releasing excess heat.  It's a thermal regulatory fabric system.

Tencel® is a fantastic strong fibre made from wood pulp and 100% bio-degradable.  The process of turning the pulp into yarn has been created to also be environmentally friendly.  It's what's referred to as a closed loop manufacturing system where the solvent used to create the yarn is continuously re-used making this process extremely green and ecologically sound as the water and energy used to create the fibre is minimised.

Thermax™ is a hollow fibre Polyester fibre designed to prevent heat loss by trapping warm air between the fabric and the skin whilst transporting perspiration to the exterior of the garment.  Extremely soft to knit and high moisture wicking properties.

Thinsulate™ is an insulating fibre from 3M® that can be woven into fabric sheets and is breathable as well as durable whilst able to retain its insulating capabilities even when wet with sweat.

SmartSliver™ is a Nano Technology additive created by Nano Horizons Inc of the USA that is designed  for antimicrobial protection that lasts the expected life of the product. SmartSliver™ Uses the natural antimicrobial action of silver in controlling the growth of odour-causing bacteria.  It is easily integrated into natural & synthetic fibres, foams, plastics, and coatings and is eco-friendly meeting all regulatory requirements. Used extensively in health care, textile, and industrial markets and is made entirely in the USA.

Spandex™ is a trademarked brand synthetic fibre with high elasticated properties and good durability.  Used extensively with other fibres it provides exceptional stretch and recovery properties and a close fitted result when required.

A synthetic Polypropylene based fibre that is highly resistant to water. Used in conjunction with absorbent fibres to rapidly wick moisture away from the skin.  Very strong and has the lightest man-made fibre of its type. it is also stain resistant and extremely colourfast during production use.

WONDER-WICK™    Wonder-Wick™ is a trademarked yarn developed by Wigwam® to accelerate the movement of moisture away from the skin.  A blended fibre mix consisting of water repelling yarn that sist next to the skin and moisture absorbing yarn on the outside that combined, pushes moisture away from the skin and pulls it towards the outside keeping the feet dry and making sure water does not seep back towards the skin.

Stretch Nylon™   Continuous Nylon™ filaments are crimped and heat set like zig-zag chains to provide elasticity.  Very commonly used in conjunction with other fibres to create a stretch fit garment.

Lycra® is a registered trademark of the Lycra Inc company and is an elasticated fibre with high durability that is used across a wide variety of clothing to offer a stretch fit and comfort design.

X2O Acrylic Fibre is an advanced moisture-absorbing acrylic fibre containing micro-pores that possess a capillary action to absorb and then dissipate moisture through rapid evaporation.  It is one of only a few moisture absorbing fibres on the market.  Exceptionally lightweight and contains Chitosans which are naturally occurring minerals found in sea coruscations that provide ant-bacterial and anti-mold capabilities.