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Layer Number Indicators

Clothing Layers:  Each layer of clothing is best suited to a specific task.  This list provides details of which layer can be used for different functions.  The number indicates if it's a:

  1. A "Base" Layer
  2. A "Mid" Layer
  3. An "Outer" Layer

Layer 1:  The "First", "Base" or "Foundation" Layer garment worn next to the skin to assist with moisture management and thermal regulation.  A close fit garment that you generally wear as a replacement to underwear but briefs o boxers can help with hygiene.

Layer 2:  The "Second" or "Mid" Layer garment.  Worn over your "Base" Layer to provide second level warmth and moisture control.  Can often also be worn as a Layer 1 Base Layer garment as well.  Slightly looser fit generally and often with a Half Zip or Full Zip structure to make it easy to get on and off and to allow additional torso ventilation.  Hoody's are also considered as a second layer garment.

Layer 3:  The "Third" "Shell" or "Outer" Layer worn as an external layer usually designed with added wind or water defence structures built in so as to repel wind and rain.  Quite often comes with a hood but not always.  Can have thermal characteristics but not always.  This is your outer protective layer against wind, rain and the elements.