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Kymira Infrared Technology Overview

Train Harder - Perform Longer - Recover Faster

The principals of Kymira's true Infrared Fabric Technologies and not a gimmick in any way shape or form.

Infrared light treatment from within a certain light wave spectrum has long been known to aid recovery in injuries and is widely used in the medical profession to do exactly that.

The problem is, you can't walk around all day long with an IR light strapped to your back and furthermore, IR treatments tend to be focused on specific areas.  We've probably all seen or had used on us, that orange light or a wave machine that you think is doing nothing when in fact it's doing a whole lot.


But what you need is IR treatment all over the body and for long periods but in way that doesn't interfere with your day to day life.  But that's impossible, right?

Well not any more.  Kymira™ has developed a genuine mechanism of delivering true Infrared treatments to the body within fabric technology that is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the garment......and it works, really well and they call it KYnergy™.  Embedded in each garment is a cocktail of minerals that are permanently embedded in the fibres that absorb the energy you produce and reflect it back at the body and in doing so physically accelerate blood flow and a venous and capillary level.  More blood flow equals more oxygen and more oxygen means greater performance and accelerated recovery.

Consider the Kymira™ range as an apparel collection where the primary aim is to deliver Infrared "treatments".  The clothing is to a large extent, there as the "vehicle" for delivering the benefits of Infrared.

But wearing a light compressive layer next to the skin when training, playing or recovering is the norm these days so they have incorporated their patented technology into a great range of sports related garments aimed at everyone who does sport no matter what their level of ability.

Furthermore, they use 100% recycled Polyester called Infracycle™ in their range thereby helping to save the planet AND they design and manufacture almost entirely in the UK bringing manufacturing back to the shores if Britain.

The origins of Kymira are set in the medical profession.  There is no other sports clothing brand out there in the market that has achieved such wide recognition for their apparel and its ability to do the job it's required to do.

The purpose of the Kymira™ sports range is to enhance blood circulation, improve sporting performance, to manage painful injuries and aid rehabilitation and recovery.