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Jackets, Hoodies and Wet Gear Fit Guide

Jackets, Hoodies, Quarter Zips and Wet Gear Fit Guide

A wide variety of sports training and leisure wear is worn for a huge amount of disciplines from Gym to Walking and from Golf to Running as well as everyday leisure wear.  But the fit is as important as the function.  This section addresses the style of fit you should expect for Jackets, Hoodies, Wet Gear and other Sports Leisure Wear.

Regular Fit / Semi-Fitted

A semi-fitted design meaning it's a reasonably close fit structure without too much excess fabric.  An "Athletic" design aimed at runners and / or golfers and alike where the jackets or wet gear shouldn't be too big as it would interfere with the activity but where you still need it to do the job required of it.  

Loose Fit

As it says on the tin......big and baggy!  Often applied to layering garments such as Hoodies, Quarter Zips and Jackets where you need or want to get other layers underneath and where an "Athletic" style fitting is less important over comfort and coverage.