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Injinji Fabrics

CoolMax® This enhanced polyester fiber provides superior moisture management and comfort. The wicking capabilities of CoolMax® are ideal in even the most extreme conditions caused from any sport or activity. (An Invista® Product)

CoolMax® EcoMade™ This enhanced polyester fibre mimics CoolMax® in every way except for its origin. CoolMax® EcoMade™ is derived from recycled plastic bottles and postindustrial scraps to achieve the moisture wicking capabilities provided by all CoolMax® products. (An Invista® Product)

CoolMax® freshFX™ This is a CoolMax® fibre bonded with silver allowing the combination of superior moisture wicking abilities one can only get from CoolMax® and the anti-odour and anti-microbial properties that come from silver. (An Invista® Product)

Lycra® This synthetic fiber is strong, lightweight, flexible, comfortable, machine washable, and shape retentive. It can stretch over five times its relaxed length with memory for recovery providing all Injinji products the perfect fit. (An Invista® Product)

Lycra® Energy™ A licensed Invista certification for products using Lycra in a sock that meet the correct levels of compression throughout the shaft of the sock allowing for gradually decreasing compression going up the sock. This provides the benefits of decreased swelling, a feeling of increased energy, and an enhanced sense of well-being for athletes. (An Invista® Product)

Nüwool™ Merino wool is made from the finest Australian wool to prevent any itching and is compact spun to provide superior durability. Nüwool™ also provides maximum temperature control, odor resistance and wicks moisture away from the foot.