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Icebreaker Sphere Cool Lite Tech Tee Review

Night out with dinner to follow? Icebreaker® Tech Tee. Mountain bike ride? Icebreaker® Tech Tee. Week long trip to Bali? This is the only shirt you'll need. The Tech Tee collection from Icebreaker® is the tee you'll wear most often and was least.

This may not be the cheapest tee on the market, that goes without saying I guess, but we guarantee this will become your go-to tee for the rest of its days.

So good you can wear this near constantly and wash infrequently, the Tech Tee doesn't smell, isn't full of holes and isn't baggy. That's thanks to the 130 GSM weight Cool-Lite™ technology with Tencel plant extract combined with the very best quality ethically produced merino wool, to create a stretchy, strong and fast-drying Tee you'll grow to love.

Like most real merino wool fabrics, it resists odour infestation due to the natural lanolin in the fibres and wicks incredibly well, working to keep you dry and comfortable in all weathers. But unlike many other merino Tees, this one won't fall apart despite many people's neglectful habit of throwing it in the machine and dryer with regular cotton clothes.  Your Sphere™ Tech Tee will still look brand new. 

Icebreaker® cuts the Tech Tee to a flatter slim athletic fit. It fits but it's not skin-tight. It wears like a stylish casual slim fit Tee, not a skin tight bike jersey.

Sometimes simple just works so well!