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Icebreaker Merino 200 Active

Icebreaker® Merino 200 Active Merino Wool Fabric

Icebreaker® Merino 200 Active Merino Wool underwear is a slim fit design with a superior overall fit and appearance. 100% pure Merino Wool taken from the Merino sheep in New Zealand during the winter months when the sheep fleece is thicker and heavier. 

Woven into a close knit body contoured design for optimum fit for a superior invisible fit under clothing and ideal for a more active lifestyle.  4-way stretch & recovery "Cross Weave" design to impove the natural body fit, improve hold, increased shape retention, garment recovery and comfort as well as eliminating any un-ravelling should the garment get caught on something thereby improving the overall durability as well as increasing garment shape retention and warmth.

200 Grams per Square Metre (GSM) weight with superior shape and hold overall.  Use in Variable & Cooler conditions for thermal regulation.