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How to keep Mosquitoes off your skin

How do you keep the dreaded Mosquito away?

The simple answer is you can't there are simply many of them.  However, and particularly if you are travelling abroad this summer to countries where Mosquitoes can be a real problem, you can minimise the risk of getting infections and diseases such as Malaria from Mosquito bites.  So here's how..........

The obvious pre-travel precautions such as appropriate jabs are a must for certain countries and we're not here to list these but we are here to offer some additional solutions.

The most obvious option quoted is to use a Mosquito Repellent on the skin.  There are countless chemical, natural and home grown solutions on offer, some of which work and some of which have some very dubious origins and results.  There is little doubt that "some" quality liquid repellents designed to be applied to the skin are effective at deterring these annoying little critters.

The best way to stop any mossy bites in the first place however, is to stay covered up.  But when it's hot and humid, which are the mossy's favoured conditions by the way, that's probably the last thing you feel you want to do.

So whilst the chemical repellent option should stay firmly on the packing list, how about wearing a Baselayer to keep them off the skin altogether?  It sounds odd perhaps but particularly whilst in countries where insect borne diseases are a real threat, a Baselayer could genuinely save your life.

Baselayers are more often synonymous with winter warmth and are rarely at the top of people's packing list for a hot weather adventure....but they really should be. A Baselayer is not just for winter.  They act as a protective cool effect "next-to-skin" layer managing moisture as you perspire and will also operate as an excellent sun block as well which is why they are great for kids too.  Just watch the runners in endurance desert challenges such as the Marathon des Sable for example.  They usually all wear something of this nature.

The dreaded mossy is everyone's most hated travel companion and whilst you'll never completely beat the little beasties, there are precautions you can take to make life more tolerable for you and less enjoyable for them not least of which is to stay covered up as best you can especially when sleeping.

You clearly can't cover your whole body but a cool wear Baselayer is ideal at keeping them off the skin altogether.  Made from either Merino Wool or Synthetic fabric or a mix of the two, a Baselayer will genuinely help keep them off your skin even if they are still hovering around being a pain.

A fine mossy net is still an essential asset and should be used wherever possible at night as is a good quality repellent but adding the Baselayer to your backpack will significantly help prevent you from being their lunch or even worse!

Remember as well, you can cover the outside surface of a Baselayer with a good mossy repellent which won't wash off as you sweat so it can be even more effective.

To help you decide, we've put together a selection of perfect ultra light cool Baselayers in the two links below that really will help stave off the mossy problem.  Additionally, here are some additional pieces of information that you may find useful about our flying, buzzing annoying friends.....the Mosquito:  Some Mossy Facts and  Baselayer Q&A