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Helly Hansen Solen SCAFE Fabric Technology

Helly Hansen® Solen™ SCAFE™.......Coffee's Not Just for Drinking!

Not the most obvious evolution in fabric, but the use of coffee in fibres is somewhat of a revolution when it comes to clothing.

Why?  Simply because Coffee is fantastic at managing fabric odours and what's even better, is the SCAFE™ Technology applied by Helly Hansen® is created using nothing but waste materials, the coffee granules we simply throw away everyday.

The new and innovative Solen™ Active SCAFE™ range is a radical move to ultimately achieving their goal of using 100% recycled fabric and a massive reduction is using water in the dying process. 

It is a two layer fabric with 41% HH LIFA™ fabric technology (hydrophobic) on the inside and 59% recycled polyester (hydrophilic) on the outside meaning it moves moisture fast from skin to outside and which contains microscopic recycled coffee grounds in the yarn that doesn't wash out.

This makes it perform better in numerous ways with superior Odour Control as it's naturally anti-microbial therefore using no artificial anti-bacterial treatments.  It's also Fast Drying with measurable performance up to 50% faster than standard polyester.

It also offers excellent UV Protection with all colours have a rating of UPF 50, even when wet plus importantly, it's cool to the touch offering up to two degrees lower temperature control at the skin so it's fantastic in hot weather.

Not only is this the perfect next-to-skin fabric for the summer, it also has a great sustainability story. Each top is made of, on average, five recycled bottles and recycled coffee grounds from three cups of coffee - plus the LIFA™ content is all solution dyed which uses 90% less water in the dying process.