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Helly Hansen Fabric Technoligies

Why Lifa™?

LIFA™ hates water! It retains 40 times less than polyester and is 40% lighter with a 60% better insulation to weight ratio than polyester.  It has natural anti-bacterial properties so no smells and is 100% hypo-allergenic and is also 100% recyclable

LIFA™ is Helly Hansen's registered trademark for it's own Polypropylene fabric composition that wicks moisture away at a rate greater than any other Polyester based fabric on the market today.

LIFA® T3™ Helly Hansen's hollow fibre Polypropylene fabrication using their Thermic Tube Technology (T3) that is used to enhance the performance of their Lifa® Warm™ products for increased thermal protection.

Lifa® StayDry™

Lifa® fabric has the ability to absorb up to 40 times less moisture than it's leading competitor Polyester fabrics.  As a result this increases the ability of Lifa® to eradicate moisture more effectively and therefore keep you dryer and lighter longer. HH® StayDry™ technology is your second skin and the heart of the HH® effective 3-Layer System®.  It is a moisture super highway creating a dry layer next to the skin, keeping you comfortable during highly aerobic activities in a wide range of conditions.

Helly Hansen Polypropylene inner face lining that combined with Merino Wool as an outer face, creates a dry warm and lightweight garment that is exceptional as a thermal base layer.


Helly Hansen's highly efficient Polyester insulation layer that provides thermal insulation to the Helly Hansen garment range.

X-Pulsion Fibre™

Helly Hansen's descriptive terms to describe the rapid and efficient moisture wicking process applied to all their garments and fabrics.

Primaloft® One™

Industry standard stay dry insulation used in many of Helly Hansen's specialists product ranges.


Helly Hansen's 100% waterproof and breathable taped seam outer garment layer fabric.


Non breathable fully waterproof outer fabric layer used in many Helly Hansen® jackets and other waterproofed garments