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Gore-Tex Fabric Technology

Gore-Tex® is a word or phrase we band around like many other brand names, as a means of describing a waterproof fabric.  But there really is "only" one Gore-Tex® that is the prestigious brand that created genuine breathable, waterproof fabrics back in 1996 and anything else that exists in the market is an imitation of the Gore-Tex® technology created by manufacturers to attempt to replicate what Gore-Tex® have achieved without infringing world wide patents and trademarks. In short, Gore-Tex® "own" this clever space of fabric development and nobody else really comes close.

Whilst Gore-Tex® manufacture clothing themselves, they also licence their unique patented technology to brands who also make clothing and allow those brands to utilise their brand identity on their clothing which enhances the performance of the clothing extensively.  Gore-Tex® is without doubt "the" universal benchmark for waterproof fabrics and brands that use the technology have to go through rigorous applications in order to justifiably apply the Gore-Tex® logo to their apparel ranges.