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Corespun Technology

Corespun® is a patented technology that uses superfine soft Merino Wool wrapped around strong core of Nylon® to create a highly durable, strong and extremely efficient yarn from which Icebreaker® manufacture a number of performance wool products with Corespun® technology at the heart of the garment.  The yarn created is up to 40% stronger than pure wool making this a very desirable advancement in fibre technology indeed.

Corespun® is optimised for performance as the wool surrounding the Nylon® core is kept smooth and tight so it creates a superfine usable yarn that produces superior woven garments that are incredibly soft to the touch, totally natural in feel but that are super strong and highly durable for active use.

Corespun is used across many dual fabric brand collections from performance Base Layers to Jackets, Gloves and Coats.