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Bridgedale Explorer Sock Range

The Bridgedale Explorer Sock Collection

The Bridgedale Explorer Socks range have been designed specifically to be worn in the coldest, harshest conditions imaginable. Tested in the most remote of environments these socks should be worn with your mountaineering footwear during extended cold weather activities.

Every sock in the Bridgedale Explorer Socks collection has full, heavy-weight cushioning. This cushioning provides warmth, comfort and protection for your leg and warmth, comfort, protection and shock absorption for the sole of your foot.

Bridgedale Explorer Socks in this range give you with superior resilience, softness, durability, and excellent moisture management, effectively wicking moisture away from the foot, keeping your feet warm and giving you the perfect fit and ultimate comfort.  All the socks in this range are made using Merino Wool (known for softness, moisture management and anti-odour characteristics).

You can always team your EXPLORER socks with socks from other Bridgedale categories such as a Bridgedale Liner Sock. You can team up and wear over Bridgedale Walking Socks to give extra warmth for the coldest places you may go (just remember to check there is room inside your shoes for 2 pairs of socks).

You could also team up and wear over Bridgedale Liner Socks. This is especially useful for longer multi-day adventures where you may want a fresh pair of socks every day.  Liner Socks are so thin they can be scrunched up and will fit into the smallest of spaces in your backpack so you have fresh and clean Liner socks everyday under a pair of Bridgedale Explorer Socks.

EXPLORER socks giving you all the warmth and comfort you need.

Bridgedale support Mountain Rescue Teams across the UK and supply these dedicated teams of volunteers who often work in mountainous or remote areas to help walkers and climbers who might be lost, injured or in any danger with socks so their feet are warm and comfy socks so their feet are the last things on their mind.

Bridgedale also work in partnership with #MountainsForTheMind.  Brought you to by Trail magazine (, is a charity campaign promoting the benefits of being outside for better mental health.