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Be Aware of What You Wear

Committed to the creation of a more sustainable product. Today at ODLO, we pride ourselves on using recycled PET bottles and repurposed production waste to create our high-tech Performance Warm Eco and Active Warm Eco Sports Underwear. Another highlight is our Natural 100% Merino underwear line, which uses high quality merino wool, a natural material. It's worth looking out for the eco-label. For all of us and for our environment.

Our slogan, 'Be aware of what you wear', is designed to make you more aware of the importance of sustainably produced clothing. We're committed to sustainability and with product material changes this winter we will be at 50% of all produced materials being sustainable materials (e.g. recycled materials, Tencel).

Performance Warm Eco, highly functional underwear contain 100% recycled, post-consumer polyester, 90% recycled elastane from production waste and 50% recycled polyamide from manufacturing waste. The Active Warm Eco Styles are made from 100% recycled polyester.