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Artilect NuYarn Speed-Lite Tech Fabric

Artilect Systems' styles featuring NuYarn's Speed-Lite 115gsm fabric represents the most performance-ready styles for those high aerobic-output activities.

Tech fabric with a natural leaning simply made for an active lifestyle but with minimal weight even when wet.  Using a precise combination of super-fine 18micron Australian Merino Wool drafted in a unique process over an ultra-fine core of high performance Nylon filament, NuYarn creates a fibre so light but strong that creates garments of the lightest but natural quality with amazing fibre performance.

The textile result is a supremely durable abrasion resistant fibre that equals anything synthetics can offer.  So go nuts.  Run, rude, climb, hike, bike and more with complete confidence your Speed-Lite garment will hold it's own.