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Artilect Baa-Nana Fabric Technology

A NuYarn Fabric Story.

Artilect's styles featuring NuYarn's Baa-Nana fabric technology blending ultra-fine 18micron Merino Wool with Banana husk fibres that maximise the superior UPF and strength properties of the Banana plant.

This fibre's natural UV-inhibiting benefits are due to the pigment, pectin and lignin contant which act as natural UV absorbency.

By combining natural Banana fibres with merino wool in this unique NuYarn fabric, Artilect has created a world-first performance fabric will all the natural benefits of merino wool coupled with an incredible and naturally derived 50+ UPF protective enhancement for their garments.

The result is a completely natural soft ultra-stretch fabric with exceptional moisture management and unparalleled anti-bacterial no-stink capabilities that out-performs just about anything out there.

From a sustainability standpoint, Banana fibres are plentiful and taken as a by-product of Banana farming which is otherwise burnt or made into fertilizer making your Baa-Nana garments 100% bio-degradable and renewable.