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Apparel Body Fit Style

All our technical garments fall into 3 main categories of "Fit" and each garment on this web site has a "Fit Guide" indicator next to it showing the Fit Style:



Base Layer - Skin Fit or High Compression Fit

Baselayer Compression fit apparel is designed to fit tight to the skin in order to allow the technical aspects of the garment to work effectively.  With Compression fit garments, you get the benefit of muscle support and the increased flow of blood as the garment compresses and acts on the core muscle groups.  This in turn, assists in protecting muscles from damage and aids overall performance in sport and activity as well as providing thermal benefit where appropriate.  Each brand has its own type of Compression technology with their own different benefits.  However, no Compression garment should be so tight as to restrict freedom of movement. Any Baselayer Compression garment is designed to fit all contours of the body and compress core muscle groups.


Mid Layer - Fitted Garment

Fitted apparel is usually a mid layer comfortable fitting garment that provides a less compressing fit but still provides all the benefits of moisture wicking & thermal management where appropriate.  Ideal as a Mid Layer garment when applying the principals of the Three Layer Clothing Layering System, and acts as a second layer but still eradicates moisture away from the body and moves it to the outside of the clothing where it evaporates quickly and efficiently.


Outer Layer - Loose Generous Cut Fit

A loose fitted garment designed as a comfort fit with all the moisture management benefits applied to all mid layer or top layer garments.  Can be worn as a casual garment or again, as a Mid Layer as desired depending on the weight and conditions.  Usually has full thermal properties and worn in cold conditions and can have an external "shell" layer protection on the fabric.  Wool can also be used as an external layer.


Each garment on this site has it's own Fit & Size Guide Indicator to assist you in selecting the best fit for your dimensions.  Please contact us if you have any selection concerns or questions.