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Organic Dynamic Water Repellent treatments (ODWR) have been around for some time but are now beginning to enter mainstream use as the demand grows and costs come down.

Ostensibly they are treatments that are applied to fabrics that reduce water absorption but don't use organic matter or chemicals to achieve that result.

Oil has been the mainstay of DWR treatments for decades but with oil in huge demand and a global wish to reduce our worldwide reliance on oil, the establishment of an alternative and viable treatment for external garment protection in particular, has never been higher.

Using Nano Technology that emulates a plant's capacity to eradicate water penetration, many brands are adopting ODWR as their preferred water protection treatment rather than chemical alternatives and supports their continued desire to be sustainable and ethical producers of clothing.

ODWR treatments take on a number of different guises but for more technical detail on the ODWR concept, see this link here: