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SAXX Underwear

SAXX Underwear Life Changing underwear for men. SAXX Boxers are the only underwear with the unique SAXX BallPark Pouch™ system.  SAXX Underwear UK for Men with ranges from the SAXX Everyday collection to their impressive SAXX Performance range designed for an active lifestyle and sports.  Baselayer is a SAXX Underwear partner and we offer an extensive range of Men's SAXX Underwear here in the UK including the Euro style Short 3" Trunk style and the popular 5" Regular Leg. For bigger guys and for high energy sports use, there's the longer 7" Leg length.  With the SAXX Quest™, SAXX Vibe, and the SAXX Hyperdrive Compression Shorts in the collections as well as their Sport Mesh and the highly impressive SAXX Kinetic Boxer Briefs with it's light-compression fit.

SAXX DropTemp Cooling Cotton collection and for those who love their cotton but hate baggy pants, the SAXX Non-Stop Stretch Cotton collection. You want a quality synthetic boxer brief with everyday comfort, then the SAXX Daytripper could be your go-to pants with it's more relaxed fit alongside the SAXX Ultra range also with it's more relaxed styling or the more fitted SAXX Droptemp Cooling Mesh collection.  With the addition of SAXX Roastmaster Mid-Weight Base Layer collections all with the Ball Park Pouch built in, the SAXX portfolio has a next-to-skin solution for every man and for every eventuality.  Baselayer are also famous for our amazing SAXX Multi-Pack offers of Twin, 3 pair and 5-pair pack offers.

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Men's SAXX Compression Training Shorts {SAXX-VL29}


SAXX™ Liner Training Shorts Compression Under Shorts Made for Sports.  These are the ONLY under shorts you need on game-day or training to keep you...

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